Together, Mashaba and Maimane to engage South Africans in The People’s Dialogue

Mmusi Maimane and Herman Mashaba at a press briefing. PICTURE: Nhlanhla Phillips African News Agency (ANA)

The events of the past two weeks in the metros, and the return of continuous load-shedding, demonstrate the need for a new consensus. Clearly, we need a new vision for a tomorrow for all our children, shared by all the residents of our Country.

That is why I am part of The People’s Dialogue, to lead a conversation to build One South Africa for All. View my launch video here: and give your inputs at 

It is clear that our political system has failed citizens, and that accountability exists only to political parties and not to the people of our country. 

The continued collapse of State-owned Enterprises such as SAA, as well as the return of load-shedding, clearly demonstrates how the time for residents to sit back and leave the solutions to our greatest challenges in the hands of government has passed.

We need reforms and solutions that can help resolve our nation’s greatest challenges of unemployment, crime and injustice. 

It is now more critical than ever before than we resolve these challenges and ensure that citizens can participate in shared vision for all of South Africa's people. 

Evidently, when we work together, we achieve better results, something the Springboks showed us in the World Cup. And something our Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi ,showed us this week as well. As a matter of fact, it is South Africans and not our government or political system which makes us proud.

We need citizens from all walks of life – not just in politics but in civil society, business and community organisations – to come together and engage on solutions to build one South Africa which is prosperous for all. 

It is why Herman Mashaba and I will engage citizens from all walks of life. The launch of The People’s Dialogue has clearly demonstrated that South Africans want to engage in a positive, solutions-oriented discussion which is free from the constraints of our political system. As a people, we are tired of the negativity and want to believe in a future which will see One South Africa for All. 

This is not party politics, it is a sincere effort to bring forward a shared understanding of our challenges, and how we can best resolve them. South Africa needs men and women who are willing to lay all aside, move past what makes us different, and work together towards the building a shared future, collectively owned.

I look forward to engaging the people of this great nation, to finding the solutions we need to build a South Africa we can all be proud of. 

Mmusi Maimane