'Launching Our New Political Party' - Herman Mashaba

I am pleased to announce that, after an extensive process of preparation, our new party will be launched on Saturday, 29 August 2020. The launch will take a virtual form, given the limitations on gatherings, but will be broadcast live to thousands of people across South Africa and abroad.

At this launch we will unveil our new name and logo, our constitution as well as the solutions blueprint that we will offer as an alternative for South Africa. Participating in the launch will be a number of prominent South Africans who will be taking action and signing up to our new party in the runup to the launch.

Our solutions blueprint is the product of South Africans from all walks of life, who came together to offer their experience and expertise. The solutions that we will present will be grounded in practical and workable actions that that can build a prosperous, non-racial and secure South Africa for all its people.

Already, we are receiving over 1000 volunteers signing up to the new party every day, even before it has a name or has been launched. South Africans, from across the country, are joining in response to their connection to our core values and their frustration with the current political establishment being unable to unseat the ANC and provide an alternative.

South Africans, now more than ever before in our recent history, are acutely aware of the failings and inaction of their government. We will create a future for South Africa which will take decisive action to achieve:

  1. Economic prosperity for all
  2. Social justice for those who still live under the legacy of our past
  3. Non-racialism to build a united society where every South African is treated with dignity and respect
  4. Respect for the rule of law which ensures consequences for all crimes
  5. Electoral reform that gives back the power to the people
  6. An education revolution which invests in our young people and provides them with opportunities for their future
  7. Wholesale change to achieve ethical leadership and professional civil service

We will be a home to all South Africans who love their country, hate what is being done to its people and believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow, to join us in creating the alternative that will see us making progress in our country once more.

The strategy is certain, and demand for this new party is clear. We have the right solutions and, most importantly, we have South Africans behind us to win municipalities, deliver effectively for all and challenge for national power in 2024.