Professionals Enlist to Engage The People’s Dialogue on Blue Prints to Fix South Africa

Over the past two weeks, South Africans have responded to a call to participate in our policy formulation process and expand on our five core values as we work towards the launch of our new political party in August.


The response to this call has been overwhelming, as South Africans with skills and experience in relevant fields of work have come forward in their thousands to volunteer their time and expertise to help craft blueprints to fix our country.


We have made the deliberate decision to avoid the pitfalls of political parties, whose policies are developed by career politicians who have never succeeded in anything. Instead we will build the blueprints to fix South Africa on the views of experts.


In so many cases, this expertise is readily available in our country yet completely ignored by the current political establishment. We experience a country run along a system of political patronage, instead of utilizing the skills and experience available in our country. Men and women committed to the success of South Africa.


Already we have policemen and women, alongside security experts, forensic specialists, prosecutors and retired judges coming forward to develop our solutions to our criminal justice system.


We have captains of industry, small business owners, informal traders, financial experts and tech experts volunteering to participate in our discussions around growing the economy and creating jobs.


Teachers, university professors, principals and NGOs have offered to help design a new education system for South Africa that can produce future leaders in all fields to prepare them to grow the economy that can create employment for our people.


This follows from the success of the People’s Dialogue launched on 6 December 2019 running until 28 February 2020, generating a historic 2.4 million engagements that informed the following core values of our new to be formed political party:


  • Non-racialism: South Africa must be a country for all its people, where someone’s destiny is not determined by the colour of their skin.
  • Free Market Economy: Our government must not interfere in the economy and rather give the private sector the room and environment they need to flourish.
  • Social Justice: We must address the painful legacy of Apartheid, colonial history and the 26 years of failure of our democratic government. Inequality must be reduced to ensure that all people have access to quality services through a pro-poor plan of action.
  • Rule of Law: No country can flourish without the rule of law. We must tackle crime, corruption and illegal immigration decisively.
  • Electoral Reform: Ordinary South Africans must have a direct say in selecting their public representatives. Instead of the party-list system we need a directly elect those who to serve.


South Africans have the knowledge and experience to address many of the challenges that we face in our country. However, their voices have been ignored by politicians who have never run a business, served in law enforcement or taught our youth.


The blueprint for South Africa that will emerge from these engagements will be unveiled following our launch in August this year. I am certain that these blueprints will provide practical and real solutions to the problems that face South Africans on a daily basis.


I would like to express my deepest appreciation and pride for the thousands of South Africans who have come forward, and I look forward to the engagements that are due to begin in the week ahead led by our team of policy experts. Kindly note that we are still open to accommodate any South African willing to participate in this important historic process. Register on