Marking 4 Years of Human Tragedy with Action

Today is the 4-year anniversary of the collapse of Lily Mine that trapped Pretty Nkambule, Solomon Nyirenda and Yvonne Mnisi in an underground container. 

For 4 years, the family and former co-workers of these three South Africans have fought for justice and closure and to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones. They have experienced nothing but broken promises and legal obstacles put in their way by an uncaring government. 

For the former miners and family members it is a sad day, just like the 1459 days before today. For the politicians it will be a day a like any other, where they make more false promises of support to cover their obscene failures. 

For The People’s Dialogue, working with the former family and miners, it is a day of action. I have received a brief from our legal team at Mkhabela Huntley Attorneys that our plans are moving ahead to pace. Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi has agreed to serve as our senior counsel and the legal strategy is well under way. 

We will focus on a legal approach which will achieve: 

1.    The retrieval of the bodies of the three miners, namely, Pretty Nkambule (25), Solomon Nyirenda (41) and Yvonne Mnisi (34), whose bodies remain trapped underground; 
2.    Payment of compensation to dependants and/or families of the affected miners; 
3.    Holding the Department of Mineral Resources lliable for their failure to properly discharge their regulatory duties and responsibilities, which if duly executed could possibly have prevented the occurrence of this calamity; and 
4.    Holding the mining company and its directors, where applicable, liable for their reckless and negligent conduct, which was to our understanding the sole cause of this disaster.  

I am advising National Government to come to the table and resolve this matter quickly, because any delay in doing so will see them humiliated in our courts of law. 

These South Africans have demonstrated an absolute commitment in the face of great obstructions. They do not need platitudes and speeches, they need our help. 

It is the work of The People’s Dialogue, and all of us to ensure that we defend these South Africans in their quest for dignity and justice.

Issued by:

Herman Mashaba
The People’s Dialogue

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078 224 7396