The People’s Dialogue to Pursue Private Prosecutions

Corruption is a stain on our country, made worse by the massive need for public money to be directed at communities who continue to suffer 26 years into our democracy. 

Despite daily revelations arising in the media about the shameless looting of state resources, and damming testimony from the Zondo Commission, we are yet to see any high-profile arrests and prosecutions for corruption. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is failing us, along with the idea that renewal is taking place within it.

In the engagements The People’s Dialogue has had with millions of South Africans to date, it is clear that people are angry. They want to see action against corruption. 

That is why I am announcing that The People’s Dialogue will be engaging legal teams to pursue private prosecutions, working with other like-minded organizations committed to rooting out any sign of corruption in our country.

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Our focus will be on pursuing cases which have been sitting with the NPA and around which no decision making is taking place. We cannot allow the NPA to drag out these decisions indefinitely as a delaying tactic to protect the politically connected.

The People’s Dialogue will also be working with the recently amended Public Audit Act to ensure that institutions like the Auditor General of South Africa are pursuing government officials civilly for their role in facilitating corruption on the part of politicians. 

We will be calling on all South Africans who are tired of the talk about corruption, to support our efforts to fund this programme of private prosecutions. Already we have been overwhelmed by the number of South Africans who have expressed their willingness to give the little that they can to this important cause. 

It is clear to me that any hope of the state fighting corruption has faded. Our justice system has been captured by the political establishment to protect its own. The solution to this challenge now lies with us, the people of South Africa.

The People’s Dialogue, working together with the people of South Africa, will achieve the day where corrupt politicians live in fear in our country because they know they are going to prison.

Issued by:

Herman Mashaba
The People’s Dialogue

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