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About The People's Dialogue

On 6 December 2019, I launched The People’s Dialogue as a platform to engage South Africans from all walks of life about how we can build a South Africa that we can all be proud of.

I made this decision after resigning from the Democratic Alliance, and consequently as the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.

While serving as the Mayor of South African’s economic hub for three years was the greatest honour of my life, it opened by eyes to just how broken the South African political system is. Nothing could demonstrate this more than the events that transpired in major Metros across South Africa over November and December 2019

It is clear to me that the majority of our political parties and politicians operate with self-interest as their primary driver of decision making, and not in the interest of ordinary South Africans. Between factional battles, and those fighting for power and position, the hard work of governing is often reduced to an afterthought.

Despite this, in my time as Mayor, I was fortunate to meet thousands of South Africans from all backgrounds. They confirmed my deep-seated belief that our Country is loaded with potential. We are a proud people and desire to live in a Country that works, but we are held back from that possibility by the dynamics of our political system.

While we face many challenges as a nation, I believe that we are capable of finding innovative solutions to these, driven by the countless talented individuals who share my desire to save South Africa. But I do not believe that the political system as we know it is conducive to finding those solutions.

That is why I launched The People’s Dialogue, because ordinary South Africans need to engage in a conversation about the future of our Country. We cannot leave these important discussions to self-interested politicians who are only in it for themselves.

Going forward, I will be engaging citizens through my Twitter and Facebook pages, under the hashtag #SASPeaks, and on our website at

I only have one rule in leading this discussion – as South Africans we must engage one another with respect for our great diversity of views and solutions. This must be positive discussion grounded in a shared desire to define a shared future for our people.

I look forward to your inputs as we seek to restore the hope we once felt for a better future.

Herman Mashaba

The People’s Dialogue